Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November

Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November
Dancing at Davis Restaurant. Above videos of Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires Milongas.Click to view

Tango activities by Marisela

Tango Activities by Marisela

- Immersion tango and cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November.
- Tango classes on Sunday.
- La Milonguita dj'd by Marisela.
- Sponsor out of town master instructors.
- Milonga Bruja fourth Thursday of each Month
- Milonga Loca Second Thursday of each Month

Several Videos of Marisela Dancing with Various Partners

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Up coming workshop- Leading and following by women

Join Marisela & Deanna in a 4 weeks specialty workshop for followers who want to lead.
Starts:  Sunday November 4th.
 3-4 pm
4 weeks
$45. If paid in advance.
$15 drop in

This seminar will focus on leading for women. Guys who want to work with other guys are welcomed.

For additional information e.mail.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Richard Council


Whether you are beginning tango or an advanced dancer, you can get a lot from Richard. His dancing is precise and elegant. His teaching is caring and thorough.

Private lessons available: $90 per hour for one or two people plus floor fee.

Each workshop - $20 if paid by August 5 / $25 after Sunday August 5. $15 for students

*Early bird discount: Register for all workshops by July 8 and get $20 off.



1) Customizing your embrace and your walk. Crafting your embrace to fit with each partner. We will discuss walking based on the music.

1:30- 2:45

2). Molinete: Balance of Connection:

Creating effortless and fluid molinete through understanding axis and balance

3:00- 4:15

3) Vals: Musical Options: The structure of the phrase in Tango Vals and the use of simple patterns to fit those rhythms.


4) Connecting with the Center: How to use different parts of the torso to create lead and invitation and for the follower how to actively connect to receive the lead.  

 1:30- 2:45

5)  Dancing to the mood of the music: This class will be about following the color and personality changes found in the song.

 3:00- 4:15

6) A touch of Fantasia: boleos, ganchos and sacadas. from both the lead's and follow's perspective and putting them in a sequence that stays compact on the social floor.
All activities at the Reach Center 2520 Harris St.

5-7PM La Milonguita as usual. $5.00

Richard will also be joining us Thursday August 9 at Milonga Loca at Davis Restaurant. 94 West Broadway 8-10 pm

Checks payable to Multicultural Media.
PO Box 374 Eugene, OR 97440
Please include name, phone number and workshop numbers.

More info contact Marisela at or 541-485-6647

Friday, May 25, 2012

By Marisela Rizik
Being around Muma is like collectively feeling and sharing the early era of tango. Her memories are precious gems for those of us who loves everything tango. Muma brings to the dance floor, the recolection of how tango was like in her time as well as her parents. Her memories guide us way beyond the tango renaissance of the mid 80's.

Muma was exposed to tango music and dancing since her early childhood.(check her musicality, my goodness!)

Her parents met at a milonga- Glorias Argentinas. Her mother sang with the Lomuto orchestra!

Milongas in her grandma's patio with lights hanging from climbing plants are part of her early memories.

Her family befriended orchestra leaders, singers and tango musicians. Alberto Castillo was a close family friend.

She danced live to the orchestra whose recordings we play nowadays.

And when Rock took over pushing tango aside, she joined that group, but at home she said they still listened and danced tango.

Later, when the revival of tango in the mid 80's knocked at her door, she was ready. She has not stopped since then. She met and taught with the best known milongueros: Vidort, El flaco Danny, El pibe Sarandi and many more.

Do you want tradition and social tango? Come to Muma's workshopo and you'll learn from a source with documented evidence.

In Muma's words: "My purpose is that people who learn from me, learn to dance in a way that they can express themselves with body and soul, my style is not the style for the entertainment of the onlooker, but for the satisfaction of the couple dancing for 3 minutes of utmost enjoyment..."

Deadline for discount is coming up this Sunday: Please bring your check or cash to Milonga Bruja this Friday or la milonguita, and sure you can always mail it.

Here the workshop announcements:

Muma is a great tango dancer and teacher from Buenos Aires versed in teaching the essence of Argentine tango, its musicality and everything that has to do with teaching tango as a social dance!
MILONGA BOOTCAMP. Get a complete picture of the milonga dance with these sequential workshops. Strongly recommended by Muma to be taken in sequence even if you understand the milonga dance. Muma will work heavily with traspie. In Muma words: The understanding of the traspie in milonga improves your tango and waltz for the precision that it requires and the speed of the rhythm.
1) Milonga lisa: rhythm, balance, posture change of weight.
15 minutes breaks between clases.
1:30- 2:45
2). Traspie basic sequences:
Quick Review of material covered in previous class.
3:00- 4:15
(3) Switching between milonga lisa and milonga traspie. We’ll study a different sequence of traspie. Always integrating the previous material.
4) Giro and contragiro- (turn and counter-turn with traspie). Using the same sequences studied in the previous Workshops we will include the ability to make the giro and contra-giro.
1:30- 2:45
5) Cementing the work of giro and contragiro from the previous workshop, plus unifying the new material -improvising at times and learning how to use it in the social dance floor
3:00- 4:15
6) Total practice of all the covered material with specific feedback and corrections make to each dancer. In this class, you will see how the material studied applied to tango and waltz as well as milonga.

All prepaid payments need to be received on or before Sunday May 27
Each workshop - $20 prepaid / $25 after the deadline
$15 for students.
Private lessons - $70 for individual. $90 for couple. Reserve early! Plus Studio fee. Or if you have space at home, you can take Muma to your space.
Friday, Monday-Tuesday-
Checks to: Multicultural Media
P.O. Box 374 Eugene, Oregon 97440
Please include, name, phone number
and workshop number.
or just bring it to La Milonguita on Sundays
Info & Questions:
Marisela Rizik 541-485-6647

All workshops at the Reach Center 2520 Harris street.
5-7PM. LA Milonguita as usual
Another chance to hang with Muma.

See Muma dancing in these videos .

Friday, May 4, 2012

June 1-5 in Eugene

Muma, one of Buenos Aires' most experienced tangueras, will be sharing her skills and knowledge in workshops and private and semi-private lessons.

More information coming soon.

For now, watch Muma dance below:

Muma y Dani "El Flaco" García en Sunderland

Muma - Ricardo Vidort Tango "Cuatro Palabras"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guidelines to follow when dancing tango socially

Social Dance (Milonga Loca) at Davis Restaurant- Buenos Aires style- in Downtown Eugene, Oregon
Some reminders of the importance of respecting others in the dance floor.

By Marisela Rizik.

 1. First of all, think of La Pista- as a highway, be alert to the way the traffic is moving- slow or fast, don't move too close, avoid abrupt stops, do not cause traffic jam.

2. Leads, you are in charge of direction, so it is your responsibility to protect your follower- as the tradition goes, you take the hit if it may happen!

3. In other words; Keep an eye on the couple in front of you. If they turn, you turn, the ronda stops, you stop learn vocabulary that helps you dance in your own space.

4. When stopped in traffic, use all corners around you. You do not need to think of the ronda as a straight line, use all the space of your square, move diagonally, move with your back to the center of the room, your back to the table, turn in place. Get specific vocabulary in your dance class to help you in this situation. There is not need to always move forward or get frustrated if you feel you are not advancing.

6. Milonga are by definitions places where people who understand the rules and know how to dance attend to dance, some to watch, some to chat and socialize with their friends. That tradition is still alive, that is why when nobody knows you in a milonga in Buenos Aires, it is tough to be asked to dance. The good dancer don't want to take a risk if they don't know how you dance.

Our reality is a bit different here in the US, we don't have a whole bunch of practicas to go to, and we want to encourage beginners to start dancing, soooo by default, sharing the space with all kinds of levels will make the ronda run sometimes on an unpredictable fashion and that is just part of the reality here. (yes, people bump in Buenos Aires too, and many times guess who get blamed for it...???) So, we must develop extra patience as it is the rule here not the exception that the dance floor is shared with all kinds of levels..

Another issue is the matter of style.

Adjust your movements and style of dancing to the space available in the dance floor, ok. to use long and energetic steps if you have the space- most time in crowded milonga you do not. Keep in mind, that if your style of dancing is taking more than the majority, you are infringing on the rights of others. Choosing a milonga that dance closer to your style is quite acceptable and is a nice choice to have, specially in our town where we have lots of diverse venues.

The other choice will be to wait toward the end of the milonga, usually there is less people in the dance floor, so dancing more dynamically might be just fine-

Other matters:

Passing- yes, if you have someone who is holding the line of dancing and everybody is stuck. Otherwise no.


You don't back up in the highway without looking, be sure you don't do it in the ronda either small back steps (one or two) are useful and necessary, specially in corner, just be sure you can see what you are doing.

And last, but not least if you are merging into the highway in the middle of a tanda- the people who are already dancing in the highway have the right of way, they are under no obligation to interrupt their concentration with the music and their partner to make eye contact with you who is merging.

You, as the merger have to find a way to get in. And where do you enter?- depends on the way the floor is shaped. Usually, the lead enters close to where the follower was sitting. Why, ask me later.

And for the milongas that I organize, I sure like to see the floor empty during the cortinas. I know it was a bit harder at Davis, but something about emptying the floor after a tanda, it renews the energy.


Between songs in a tanda, stop, drop your arms, chat about is just a nice way to take a breather, to be ready for another jouney. Specially true in hot days !

Rules and guidelines help us avoid chaos, injuries and all together have a more pleasant time

Thanks for taking the time to read, email me if you have comments or suggestions,

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Milongas and Giro Workshop

Marisela is now hosting two new milongas:

Second Thursday of each month 8-10 pm
Davis Restruant 94 West Broadway

Last Friday of each month 8-10 pm
Studio B 189 W. 8th Ave

3 weeks Seminar on Giros in 3 different styles
Join me for an exploration of Giros (turns) in traditional tango salon, tango milonguero and tango estilo del centro.
1st. seminar: April 20, Friday - 6-7:30 pm
2nd. seminar: May 4th, Friday 6-7:30pm
3rd. seminar: May 11th. Friday 6-7:30pm
$50.00 for all 3/ 45 if prepaid. No drop in
1 hr of instruction and 1/2 supervised practica

Monday, January 30, 2012

Buenos Aires Tango Immersion Tour 2013

After a very successful dancing trip to Buenos Aires in 2011 we will be going again in 2013. This is not your every day tour, but an immersion experience with people that share similar dancing interest. All places and experiences are chosen to get the most out of a limited time. First week is shared in a bed and breakfast and the second week you will be connected to the group, but will have the independence to do whatever you wish. I will chose places to stay and suggest possibilities when you want to be on your own in your second week.

One or two exciting weeks in Buenos Aires

(You can stay longer if you want.)

Some of the activities that will be arranged for you:

  • Dancing
  • Classes
  • Practicas
  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • Cultural activities
  • Classes on Djing with well known djs.
Please e.mail for fees. Departure: Mid- November
Comments from the 2011 trip:

This has been one of the best trips I've taken. A great group of people and you managed us and our activities so beautifully, even accommodating the various individual trips we each wanted to take.

- Sherrill Bower

Shivering now under the cold fingers of winter and thinking longingly of the sunny skies of Buenos Aires. Thank you so much, Marisela, for making this trip possible. It will remain one of the high points of Don and my lives. We had a wonderful time and it was all becuase of your gentle tutlage and your willingness to introduce us to this great cit.

-Christine Menager

For more information email Marisela at or call 541-485-6647

Monday, January 23, 2012

Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires Milongas

Memories From Group Trip to Buenos Aires 2011

                                                           Street dancers in San Telmo
Lora, George and Marisela having a  coffe break in San Telmo

Los Muchachos George, Roy, Raymond after a big meal at Palacio Espanol

Most of the group with Maria Eugenia at the afternoon Milonga El Arranque

Hanging at the apartment in Arenales: Chris, Sharon and Marisela

Marisela sigtseeing in Lujan

Look at those doggies, sooo well behaved. Deanna & Marisela walking around

Deanna at La Costanera Norte

Marisela & Juan dancing at la Milonga Nino Bien.

Maestro Rivarola, Marisela & Deanna at Sunderland milonga

Polo match. Several of us attended