Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November

Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November
Dancing at Davis Restaurant. Above videos of Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires Milongas.Click to view

Tango activities by Marisela

Tango Activities by Marisela

- Immersion tango and cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November.
- Tango classes on Sunday.
- La Milonguita dj'd by Marisela.
- Sponsor out of town master instructors.
- Milonga Bruja fourth Thursday of each Month
- Milonga Loca Second Thursday of each Month

Several Videos of Marisela Dancing with Various Partners

Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires¶ms=OAFIAVgJ&v=cT76Cq5w_qA&mode=NORMAL

Monday, February 29, 2016

"...I propose a functional  dance that educates and prepares the body to get involved with the different styles every person develops since there are not two people  who dance alike. Sabrina once said to a male student, "Even if you have little knowledge, you will find a woman to dance with. But the important thing is that you get prepared so that the best dancers want to dance with you."
This is quote from the book Secret of the Embrace by Ruben Veliz +Sabrina.
I took a class from Ruben and Moira Castellano in my last trip. I like both of their approaches. They both danced beautifully. I decided to buy his book. The quote above is from the intro. On his book page 11.

Preparing the body, that is what we do when we take classes, we educate our body to receive and give messages, a mean to  own our tango.
Classes: on Walks, music, embellishments for both role, challenging and playful colgada and volcadas, and dancing in small or large space also known as tango milonguero and tango salon. Something for everyone.

Check out these two beautiful people who will come through our town, sharing their journey and their experience on tango, they may have something you can take to prepare your body for this wonderful journey called tango.

THIS THURSDAY- (exhibition and dancing) 150 West Broadway. FRIDAY & Saturday workshops at 420 West 12th. SATURDAY night dancing 1144 Charnelton)  SUNDAY (our regular milonguita and classes at the usual place 420 West 12th.
Don't forget we also have private for the one to one therapy.

Join the festivities- New students take advantage and check out the tango community.

E.mail me if you don't have the list of workshops.

Claudio and Virginia in their US tour

Much love and peace,
Marisela & George

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Tango Immersion tour : 
Come with us in November or go any time during the year. We can customize  all the important details to allow you more time to enjoy yourself and take away many of the worries associated with  your visit.  For example: We can coordinate: lodging, airport pick up, milongas to get the most out of your experience, money exchange,  address safety concerns, coordinate partners to accompany you to the milonga , entering the country reciprocity fee, and more...
For this service, we charge a small fee that save you time and money! 

Use my experience to get the most out of yours.
Nothing match experiencing tango in its birthplace! 

Nothing match experiencing tango at its birthplace! 
Group departure: First week in November 2016.

One or two exciting weeks in Buenos Aires: 

dancing and immersing yourself into the culture of one of the most cosmopolitan city in the world. You won't regret it.
(You can stay longer if you want.)
Departure: First week of November 2016
Call or e.mail for specific details:
Comments from 2014
I went to Buenos Aires for the first time with Marisela and her tango group last fall (spring down there!) I have to say Marisela is an excellent group leader -- she knows the city's dance milieu like the back of her hand, where and when to go to the best milongas, where to buy different types of shoes, etc. She has the patience of two saints -- helping us all with our big and little needs and desires. Even after the larger group split up into several smaller pods and she was theoretically "off duty" she stayed in touch and hung out with us for dances, meals, and other activities. I had a 
small health problem there and Marisela was extremely solicitous and helpful. She was very generous with her time. I really believe Maricela thinks of us in her tango community as family and she makes us feel comfortable and cared for. I would go back with her any time.
Toni Hanner

My trip to Buenos Aires last November as a part of Marisela Rizik’s dance troupe was a dream fulfilled. Traveling with her group was a great way to experience it. Her knowledge of the city and local customs was excellent, but her milonga information was invaluable. She worked above and beyond to make sure her charges trips were smooth and they all got the most from their trips.
Marisela helped with finding an apartment for the second half of the trip. At the end of our week together the transfer of our group to different apartments or airports was well handled and coordinated. I would do it all over, in fact, I plan to.
 Michael Hanner

 Oh my goodness, I have to chime in on this. 
I joined Marisela's 2011 group. It would be a value at twice the price!
Marisela handled all the logistics from the moment we landed to the 
moment we left. I had my worst dance and my best dance on that trip. 
I learned to stop focusing on all the other leads and instead to focus on 
my connection with my partner. And that opened up a wonderful new world
of intimacy and delight. I grew in confidence as a dancer. 
Marisela brings a very supportive community vibe to this trip as well as to her Milonga. 
And the friendships I made on the are enduring. 
The city was delightful and fun to explore. I would have never gone there 
if not for Marisela's invitation. 

Raymond Albano

Comments from the 2011 trip:
This has been one of the best trips I've taken. A great group of people and you managed us and our activities so beautifully, even accommodating the various individual trips we each wanted to take. 

- Sherrill Bower

shivering now under the cold fingers of winter and thinking longingly of the sunny skies of Buenos Aires. Thank thank you so much, Marisela, for making this trip possible. It will remain one of the high points of Don and my lives. We had a wonderful time and it was all becuase of your gentle tutlage and your willingness to introduce us to this great cit.-Christine Menager