Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November

Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November
Dancing at Davis Restaurant. Above videos of Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires Milongas.Click to view

Tango activities by Marisela

Tango Activities by Marisela

- Immersion tango and cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November.
- Tango classes on Sunday.
- La Milonguita dj'd by Marisela.
- Sponsor out of town master instructors.
- Milonga Bruja fourth Thursday of each Month
- Milonga Loca Second Thursday of each Month

Several Videos of Marisela Dancing with Various Partners

Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires¶ms=OAFIAVgJ&v=cT76Cq5w_qA&mode=NORMAL

Argentine Tango Dance Terms

by Marisela Rizik
 Most classes in argentina are in Spanish. Please become familiar with these terms. 

abrazo: embrace (as in dance hold).

amague: from amagar. To make a threatening motions. An amague is used as an embellishment either led or done on one's own and may be used before taking a step. An example of an amague may be a beat (frappe) before taking a step.

barrida: sweep. A sweeping motion. One partner's foot sweeps the other's foot. Also called llevada. .

barrio: a district, neighborhood. .

boleo: from bolear. To throw. A boleo may be executed either high or low. Keeping knees together, with one leg in back, swivel on the supporting leg with a very sharp motion..A whipping action of the leg. Knees should be close together.

cadencia: cadence:

caminar: to walk. The walk is similar to a natural walking step. The body and leg must move as a unit so that the body is in balance. Walks should be practiced for balance and fluidity. Some dancers may start with the heel or the ball of the foot.

corte: cut. In tango corte means cutting the music either by syncopating or holding several beats.

cruce: cross. A cruce occurs anytime a foot is crossed

desplazamiento: displacement known as Sacada. Displacing the partner's foot or leg using one's leg or foot.

dibujo: drawing, sketch. A dibujo is done by drawing circles or other small movements on the floor with one's toe.

enganche: hooking, coupling. Occurs when partner wraps leg around the other's leg. >Leader displaces follower's feet from inside.

enrosque: from enroscar. To coil, twist. While woman executes a molinete, man spins on one foot, hooking other foot behind the spinning foot.

giro: turn. While woman does molinete, man turns.

Fantasia: stage tango, used for performance.

llevada: from llevar. To transport (see barrida).

media vuelta o media luna: half turn.

milonga: may refer to music or the dance which preceded the tango, written in 2/4 time; or may refer to the dance salon or event where people go to dance tango.

milongueros: refers to those frequenting the milongas and considered tango fanatics.

molinete: Little windmill or fan. Molinetes are forward and back ochos (figure 8's) done in a circle. The follower moves in a circle around the leader, doing a footwork resembling forward and backward ochos.

mordida: bite. One partner's foot is sandwiched between the other partner's foot.

ochos: eights. Pivoting forward or backward.

ocho atras o adelante: ochos backward

ocho cortado: Cut eight where the leader brings the woman feet back to a cross.

Orillero: outskirts. A style of dancing from the suburbs characterized by the man doing many quick, syncopated foot moves.

parada: stop: To move and stop a partner's foot by pushing their foot with your own.

pasos: Steps.

Pecho. chest.

Pista: dance floor.

resolucion: resolution.Ending.

ritmo: rhythm.

salida: exit, or start. (a place to start).

salida cruzada: the beginning of a pattern with a cross; or cross system

Salón: A style of dancing for the milonga or small club, as opposed to stage tango or Fantasia.

sanguchito: One partner's foot is sandwiched between the other partner's feet.

seguir: to follow.

sentada: a sitting action.

sacada: a displacement, to move your partner's leg out of the way gently with your own. see desplazamiento.

trabada:  fastened. It is a lock step –

Vals: a vals criollo or tango waltz done.


peso, (el): weight.

piso, (el): floor

pista, (la): dance floor

preguntar: to ask.

piernas: The legs

rapido: fast. You will hear "mas rapido." or faster

Eje: axis. The center vertical line around which one's balance is maintained

Calesita/carousel: The lead steps in a circle around the follower - keeping them on their own axis