Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November

Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November
Dancing at Davis Restaurant. Above videos of Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires Milongas.Click to view

Tango activities by Marisela

Tango Activities by Marisela

- Immersion tango and cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November.
- Tango classes on Sunday.
- La Milonguita dj'd by Marisela.
- Sponsor out of town master instructors.
- Milonga Bruja fourth Thursday of each Month
- Milonga Loca Second Thursday of each Month

Several Videos of Marisela Dancing with Various Partners

Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires¶ms=OAFIAVgJ&v=cT76Cq5w_qA&mode=NORMAL

Saturday, August 2, 2014

bUENOS AIRES 2014- The house we will be for our first week- Buenos Aires tango Immersion tour

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Health benefits of Argentine Tango

USA Today that outlines a study presented to the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience that McGill University in Montreal.
This link takes you to a more detailed and expansive look at the study at McGill University.
Argentine  tango as a form of partnered dance for those with Parkinson Disease and the healthy elderly. 
A paper from NYU comparing other ballroom dancing to Argentine tango for benefits for Parkinson's patients as well as healthy individuals.
Argentine tango to meditation for help with depression, stress and anxiety.
EEG brain waves and changes that occur in Argentine tango dancers.
A masters' theses from Columbia College Chicago's Dance Therapy and Counseling Department utilizing Argentine tango.
A study measuring skin conductance and saliva tests to measure exertion and hormonal changes.

  Scientists claim that the dance helps rid depression, anxiety and stress

In a study published in the journal Music and Medicine, academics in Australia have shown that dancing the tango has significant health benefits for people experiencing mood disorders.

Full Story:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TANGO IMMERSION TOUR- Departure November 2014

Tango Immersion tour.
The Experience of a lifetime. Think Now, for what do we know about tomorrow!!
 that is why I keep going to Buenos Aires-
Marisela-. e.mail me with your questions.
After a very successful dancing trip to Buenos Aires in 2011 we will be going again in 2014. This is not your every day tour, but an immersion experience with people that share similar dancing interest. All places and experiences are chosen to get the most out of a limited time. First week I take care of everything. The second week, you will be connected to the group, but will have the independence to do whatever you wish. I will chose places to stay and suggest possibilities when you want to be on your own in your second week.
Buenos Aires Milonga- Nino bien.

One or two exciting weeks in Buenos Aires .
(You can stay longer if you want.)

Please e.mail for fees. Departure: November.

Comments from the 2011 trip:

This has been one of the best trips I've taken. A great group of people and you managed us and our activities so beautifully, even accommodating the various individual trips we each wanted to take.

- Sherrill Bower

Shivering now under the cold fingers of winter and thinking longingly of the sunny skies of Buenos Aires. Thank you so much, Marisela, for making this trip possible. It will remain one of the high points of Don and my lives. We had a wonderful time and it was all becuase of your gentle tutlage and your willingness to introduce us to this great cit.

-Christine Menager

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Milonga Bruja- fouth Thursday of the month. Tonight.Jan.24, 2014

Yes, Milonga Bruja tonight at Davis restaurant. 94 West Broadway.
Tradicional music.

Join us
Marisela & Sergio at La Baldosa. Buenos Aires, Nov.Dec 2013.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires milongas- La vida es un tango

Marisela & Rene at Milonga La Baldosa- BAS-2013
Marisela & Jose Luis B. at Fruto Dulce. BAs2013
Marisela & Dani at El Metejon. BAS 2013

Marisela & Sergio at La Baldosa. Dec.2013.BAs

At Historical Marabu. Dancing the night away. Nice close embrace

Milonga Maipu at la Nacional

Milonga Parakultural at Canning. 2013

Milonga Porteno & Bailarin with setexto Milonguero. 2013