Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November

Immersion tango and Cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November
Dancing at Davis Restaurant. Above videos of Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires Milongas.Click to view

Tango activities by Marisela

Tango Activities by Marisela

- Immersion tango and cultural tour to Buenos Aires every November.
- Tango classes on Sunday.
- La Milonguita dj'd by Marisela.
- Sponsor out of town master instructors.
- Milonga Bruja fourth Thursday of each Month
- Milonga Loca Second Thursday of each Month

Several Videos of Marisela Dancing with Various Partners

Marisela dancing with friends in Buenos Aires¶ms=OAFIAVgJ&v=cT76Cq5w_qA&mode=NORMAL

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Greetings from a blue sky in Buenos Aires and an unusual summer. Last night it felt cold walking on the street!! I better don't complaint, as I hear is pretty cold back home.

Now back to the unique opportunity to try on a new venue for tango in Eugene. George Sandra and the rest of the milonguita have been working hard at making this new venue a possibility. So, I hear it is a nice floor, a nice ambiance, good musical equipment and really good prices for drinks and food. So, come over. I will be there in spirit and hopefully if it works out, we may end with a couple of venues in downtown, which is nice to have a variety of venues to go to. 

Whenever I come to Buenos Aires I make a point of going and check new venues or new organizers, some has been incredible good surprises. This year, specially, the amount have increased exponentially. Fun, now we don't have too many choices for venue to dance, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

So, here are the minutia details as sent by George

Thursday, December 10th is a trial run Milonga at:
The Wayward Goat
150 West Broadway
Eugene, OR
8-10 pm. ( they have another event right after, so be ready to leave just before 10pm)
Dance floor is accessed thru the bar to the door on the far right. There is
a full bar in the dance room and we'll have our own private bartender. Bar
food will be available and they are offering us happy hour drink prices. The
dance is for tango only, but outside people can come watch if we want.
The manager sent this -
We have a really affordable happy hour ($2.50 wells, $1 off all beers,
5-10pm) and an affordable food menu.

PS. in a sad note I just heard in la 2X4, a radio station that plays tangos all day, that the Great Alberto Podesta passed  away this morning at 9 am. he was a great singer born in 1924, and is one that we listen a lot in my playlists as I am very fun of the many orchestras in which he sang: De Angelis, Miguel Calo, Di Sarli, Pedro Laurenz, Donato etc. I had the luck of seeing him in person singing in the last few years. It was chilling to hear his voice in person, not as vigorous as in the golden age, but as melodic and powerful as before. 
Upon my return, we will devote an entire hour to his recordings. 

Don't forget tomorrow, 

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